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My plan of alarm across the room didn't work - well I went to bed at… - Keeper of the Cages
My plan of alarm across the room didn't work - well I went to bed at 5.30, so 7.30 in my current state of "I must have 7hrs sleep" just doesn't happen! Though go the package - 10 shiny new black ink cartridges, which I wont be using to print out certain lovely stories, no not I! All work!

Right on to my life of today...(not that it's interesting, but you know my journal so you get told!)

Went to lecture at 4pm - slightly paranoid as people were talking and laughing loudly before the guy came in and I'm a total loner-kid in that class.

Tried to find the head of department to hand in my dissertation proposal, which I've been trying to do since Tuesday. Not in. I think he's gone into hiding - I mean the deadline is tomorrow. I'm going to camp outside his room until I catch him I think.

Went the tutorial. Shock horror I'd actually done the work and volunteered an answer with out being asked a direct question! go me! I felt soooo brainy!

Came home and then went to Tescos. Bought an awful lot of food that I have no idea why I bought it, though I did buy 2 bottles of wine that were reduced from £8 and £9 for £4 each! very good! can't wait to try them!

Got back to the house and watched tv for a while and then moved on to watching "Interview with a Vampire" Now that is one good film! Oh and before I switched it on I saw an advert for it on Channel 5 - It's on on Tuesday night! hee! I can see it again, though I have a shiny Special edition DVD of it, but what the heck!

I'm going away now, so have fun and what not! Should be seeing my Cousin tomorrow - I phoned him wednesday night and he said that he got side-tracked by the Rangers match (they lost) and that LIVERPOOL *dances* were playing tonight, so I said well come threw on Friday night, so hopefully he will and it'll all be good!

That reminds me I must check the scores...Yay! we won!!! 1-0 wooo! that makes it 2-1 on aggregate! *bounces round the room!* Kewell! You gotta love the team, even when they are being twits!

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