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Hey! ok so I've been home like 3 weeks and in that time I have seen… - Keeper of the Cages
Hey! ok so I've been home like 3 weeks and in that time I have seen Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers 3 times, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets 2 times, Sweet Home Alabama 2 times and I'm not sure what else I've been, I think that might be it, but hey! So what else have I been doing? I have done very little! Though there was a pub visit that involved seeing Laura, Natalie, and Mike followed by us all going to the cinema (TTT) and Simon came and it was all good! Though David was supposed to be there but he went to Disney Land Paris for the New Year randomly! Oh and then I went to Ilkley for my friend Beth's party, and that was great! Lisa, Francis and Emma went to and it was good to see them!

So I that was a recap of what I've done so far except for mentioning the fact that when not doing all that I have been asleep! oh well it is the hols after all and now I have to go to work for like 3 weeks and then back to Uni. OMG how scary that it's that close! Another year gone and a new one barely started...I have to say that I failed on my first resolution quite well and it was only 3 days into the new year! Go me! wonder how long it will take me to break the other ones!

Ok I'm gonna take the opportunity to say here that I thank all my friends here and at uni for being them! and there! Erm I know I haven't been very here, but I'm trying and I will get over it real soon!

Ok stop with the cryptic mushy stuff and I say woo to THE BOYS!

Ok can't get the quiz thing to work so I'll be back with a quiz post in a wee while!

Current Mood: apathetic apathetic
Current Music: Lisa's Christmas CD

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