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Ok bloody machine and the bloody fing crap thing that is an excuse… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok bloody machine and the bloody fing crap thing that is an excuse for a computer crashed in a spectacular style and I had both a post and an e-mail going on at the time and they had taken me ages 'cos I was linking all the pretty things I saw on Tiffany &Co, Neiman Marcus, As Seen on Screen and accessorize I am one unhappy bunny and so I'm going to go away and go to bed and hopefully forget what a crap piece of **** this thing is! *kicks the computer viciously* ARGH! Why on earth can't my dad see that it's a waste of space and get either a new one or get this one cleaned up?! Oh that would be bloody simple wouldn't it?! I mean he doesn't have to use it all that much so meh! and when he does he gets arsey about it and then forgets that it is stupid after he's finished. Bloody men. I'm just having a bad time with computers and if my luck gets any worse I may have to stay away from my baby at uni and that will be disasterous. Fudging crappy things!

Sorry about that! Ok so pretty things I want from very expensive places and I need to find me my rich man - where are they when you need them?! I have a plan though - go to London, where the Tiffany stores are and then find a nice rich man there! I mean there's one in Harrods, Old Bond Street and the Royal Exchange - many rich people around these places! "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Ok I'm going and I hope that LxH has been updated with JGE so I can calm before I go to bed! Or there will be problems!

Night night xx

Current Mood: angry angry
Current Music: Pretenders - Angel of the Morning

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