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Hey! First I apologise for my outburst very early this morning! I… - Keeper of the Cages

First I apologise for my outburst very early this morning! I was getting tired and the chance of me getting busted whilst sitting at the pooter at such an hour were increasing very rapidly! So when it crashed I was very much not a happy bunny! So I'm sorry and I'll try to stay calm next time (you know it's going to happen again!)

Secondly I have to say a great big congratulations to Elizabeth who received an unconditional offer for Bangor! Go you my dear! I had meant to write that up last night, but yes! Have loads of fun there and enjoy the studentness!

Right on to today! So yes I didn't go to bed until 5.10am and then when I got there the birds were making sooooo much noise! evil things! I ended up writing complete and utter crap about H/D - which I will never ever inflict on anyone so don't worry! Fell asleep finally and woke at like 1pm. I sneaked on to the pooter, which turned into nearly 2hours - lucky I'm not going to be here when the phone bill arrives because you know I'd be dead if I was!

Kat phoned me as soon as I disconnected and we decided to go into Northwich for the rest of the open time. Rushed shower and dressing - which was interrupted by my mum phoning me to ask "do you want an easter egg?" I was quite shocked by that question, but hey I've got the Harry Potter Madam Malkin's Easter Egg, which has Sherbet Stick, Acid Pop and Fizzing Whizbees! How good is that?! You can't seem to get Acid Pops anywhere anymore - I love them!

Where was I? Oh yeah went to Northwich where I purchased a wee ring from Clare's. I think its quite cute!

When I got home went to Blockbuster and rented The Sum of All Fears - Mmmmmm Mr Ben nummy! and Mr Deeds - Very funny! Oh and bought Crouching Thingy Hidden What not (I always forget what it's called! Ok Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!) for £4.99 - usually such things are way expensive! So I'm going back tomorrow to buy either XXX, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Sum of All Fears, Pearl Harbor or some other things! They have 3 for £30 on DVDs so I'm going for the very expensive ones and then see what other places have! Oh dear I'm in my I can buy anything frame of mind aren't I?! HELP! I'm not going to have any money and then what will I do for America?! Oh well! I wonder if Starbucks will employ me!

So I guess that's my day except for the reading of maeglinyedi's Memoirs of a Magus - I liked! :D!

Right I'm off to see if I can find some more stuff to read or some new quizzes to do/redo!

Current Mood: drained drained
Current Music: Sarah McLachlan - Ice

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From: jigglyfrog Date: April 10th, 2003 05:40 am (UTC) (Link)
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: April 10th, 2003 04:43 pm (UTC) (Link)


yup! I have, now and it was the spud who told me to yesterday as well! How good a wee brother be he?! *hugs spud!*
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