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Wheeee! Hello! Right yes the wedding! Pretty pretty! Kate (the… - Keeper of the Cages
Wheeee! Hello!

Right yes the wedding! Pretty pretty! Kate (the Bride) had this gorgeous dress that was white and had lacy ties at the back! She looked sooooo good! Ben was in a nice suit too, but for once I wasn't looking at him in a suit! :D

There were lots of people there. Oh yeah it was at the Mariott - in the old liverpool airport building! Very swanky and lardi-dah! But good!

So yeah there was a cute guy sat on our table and he didn't seem to have anyone, but you never know! Nice to look at anyway!

The music and buffet were both good! Though my brother didn't go - poor babes! ::huggles::

Ok how random is this - they played the Dawsons Creek ST in the toilets at the hotel. I found it quite funny! But then again I was slightly tipsey at the time!

On the way home my dad changed the radio station without me noticing - one said they were going to play Sk8er boi and then I heard I'm with you so I went "That's sooooo not Sk8er Boi" and my dad was like "nope that's because I changed it!" It's bad to confuse the poor slightly tipsey person in the back of the car! so don't do it! lol!

Right yes erm I'm sure there is more, but I'm too tired to know and I want to sleep NOW! so I'm going to do so!

Oh I saw DJ online tonight - he's doing an essay in the computer labs so good luck with that! ::huggles:: I'll see you all when I get back. (if I get back! *runs off to LA/NY!*)

Night night xx

Current Mood: Tired and Tipsy
Current Music: Hums of the pooter!

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