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Just another wee posty thing - - Keeper of the Cages
Just another wee posty thing -
Um I'm sorry for being all hidden in my little world and not checking peoples pages for ages, but RL is sooo blooming busy and I barely have time to check my mail before it's time to go to bed and then it's time to wake again and *throws hands up in the air in frustration!* *breaths*

Anyway yes I have finally managed to go and empty my Yahoo account inboxes (go me!) so they shouldn't be too much trouble, but then again there is sooo much mail being sent there from random lists that they get full real quick like!

That's not the point though *argues with self of what the point actually is!* Yes the point is that I'm a terrible correspondent type being (I've been meaning to write letters for 3 weeks now and still haven't managed it yet!) and I will get time (soon!) to read peoples things and comment and what not so don't hate me!

To my RL people Love you! *smiles* and I promise that I'll txt mail you really really soon! (that's what my dinner hour at work is for, though I'm ignoring the fact that I'm supposed to have one so that I get paid for the time I had off!) (yes and before you say anything I am eating so stop right there and don't say it!*grins evily!*)

You know if people read my random posts they'd think I was some completely weird insane person who hated eating (which I don't I just forget that's all) and was obsessed with Harry Potter and the like! Oh and was a complete scatter brain. And they'd be right about the latter two thoughts!

Right night night! (I'm off to read Fragile! *bounces!*)

S xx

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