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I'm sorry but I've lost the plot - Keeper of the Cages
I'm sorry but I've lost the plot
I'm tired and I have too much work to do. I have forgotten to eat since Friday, other than a biscuit with a cup of tea that is. The Tea is starting to taste weird as well, which can't be good. It can't be the milk seeing as I bought new stuff yesterday...

I'm contemplating going home tomorrow and ignoring it completely, in which case I'd have to appeal to Kathryn to say "Can I stay at yours Monday night so my parents don't know?" Which I'm guessing the reply would be "Um...well...I don't think my mum would appreciate it and well...no." which I would understand because it is a stupid thought really, but a serious one all the same.

Ok so I'm feeling weird and I need to go back to the house and write my essays etc and oh yeah eat some food. Hey at least I wont be putting on weight at this rate! *dances around!* Yes I have reached that stage of insanity! (actually fyi I reached it daaaaaays ago, but haven't really been able to post it!)

Kathryn my darling please forgive me on the whole Amos front. Please I'm sorry and I have no time at the moment. And I know it's two weeks, but I can't post it, even though I'm posting here. Forgive me?

You know that state of panic and tiredness where you cry for no reason. I've been there for a week. Hmmm does that bode well for my driving skills on Tuesday?! could be interesting. Maybe I should go purchase me a flask (ok so I originally wrote flash, which makes no sense at all!) so I can have coffee on the way down!

I think Lisa is looking to go home so I'll have to love you and leave you.

Oh and just to say that tomorrow after I've (hopefully) finished everything I shall be reading diagonalist's Snarry fic 'Flawed Lines'. I do rather like her other stories. See need a happy after so much evil! (I was going to rhyme there, but decided that it was a bad bad bad thing to do!) So you should all go and read it. See who needs book groups when you can just all read fic on the net?!

Current Mood: tired, over worked and evil
Current Music: The Darkness (in my head of course - no cds here silly!)

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From: jigglyfrog Date: October 26th, 2003 11:58 am (UTC) (Link)
I know your plot is lost currently. It's ok, honest. Really. Ok? *kisses* For God's sake, woman. I'm calling you.
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