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Thoughts on Wormtail and subsequently Lupin - Keeper of the Cages
Thoughts on Wormtail and subsequently Lupin
Ok so I know that's all settled and all that, but I was looking at a pic from POA The Shrieking Shack and I saw Lupin in the background and then I thought hmmm. Now the hmmm stemmed from the fact that in this pic and several more exhibit A, exhibit B, he looks to me more Wormtail than Lupin. I have no idea why I'm burbling about it except that it came into my head and I thought if I don't share it will bug me for ages!

Oh and another candidate for Wormtail would have been

lecturer by day wormtail by night!

That was one of my lecturers - I think the resemblance is more pronounced when you're sitting in a lecture on Money and Banking and trying your hardest not to fall asleep!:D!

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