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Why does it so long to download anything on this machine? Oh I know,… - Keeper of the Cages
Why does it so long to download anything on this machine? Oh I know, it's not Broadband and also I happen to have not cleaned out all the crap for the past year! Ooops! Really should do that shouldn't I?!

10 reasons to choose Stirling University yes that's right this is what is on my uni's web page. Hmm most of it I agree with, but I think they struggle with the last two! lol!

Watched "I Capture The Castle" Today. Quite liked it in fact. Rather close to the actual book, which I found rather refreshing after all the books-to-films that butcher the whole story making it something completely different. Though it had Marc Blucas (Riley from Buffy) in it. This intrigued me as I didn't know he was in it until I started watching the film. He wasn't all that bad, though the one point where you see him wearing a tightish black top I immediately thought Riley! Very odd seeing as it's not even Buffy era! Oh and in England.

I'm going to bed seeing as I was awake until 3.30am this morning. Tescos tomorrow, after lecture at 4 and tute at 5. Getting the last of my first batch of essays back in that so I hope it's ok.

S xx

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Rachel Stevens - LA ex (or what ever it's called)

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