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Mailing systems and chocolate boys! - Keeper of the Cages
Mailing systems and chocolate boys!
Very glad that I have so many e-mail addresses. Stupid economic journals that you have to be logged on the uni computers to get at. Evil sized journals that mean the only way of actually reading them is to mail them to myself. Sigh, luck that Yahoo likes large files and my inboxes aren't too full there! *grin* maybe once I leave uni I'll lose some of them...probably not! too used to checking them all - what would I do with my time if I couldn't do it???

Oh and I got an e-mail from Adam today *grin* shall have to RSVP when I get back from the party tonight! *bops*

I'm sure you all really really wanted to read this so I say "I'm sorry" and offer you Chocolate Fondue with Marshmallows to dip! (oh and maybe some yummy boys too lol!)

Current Mood: Insane

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