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One more just to prove that I have a bit of a life - Keeper of the Cages
One more just to prove that I have a bit of a life
My cousin, didn't come threw and I'm not likely to see him until next summer or something ridiculas like that. *pouts* Apparently the uni had organised a night out for them all in Sauchihall street in Glasgow, so meh! But at least he was having fun with his course people.

I went to the Hogshead in town, after drinking a glass of wine and two "Sara measure" glasses of Cointreau! Had like Archers and then two beers and lime in the Hogshead, so feel slightly drowsy! I think that might be a good thing so that I can go to sleep when I go to bed.

Oh and I made a nice stir-fry dinner! I'm all proud! It's microwave dinners and Pizza for me for the next couple of days as I have essays. Shouldn't have really gone out tonight, but had to help Vicky and Lisa celebrate the end of M7!Hell (well at least the project bit!)

Going to organise Frankenstein's outing soon - my B'day meal 5 months apres my B'day! But hey! fun anyway!

Toodles for now my darlings!

S xx

Current Mood: drained Merry-the I drank kind!
Current Music: Another year older - Delta Goodram (in my head!)

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