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So I watched the beginning and the end of the "100 Greatest Sexy… - Keeper of the Cages
So I watched the beginning and the end of the "100 Greatest Sexy Moments" and I have to say that I was kind of disappointed bits of it. Number 2 was SMG and Selma Blair kissing in "Cruel Intentions" and Number 1 was Ursula Andress walking out of the ocean in "Dr No." Here's the list 100-91(i), 100-91(ii), 90-81(i), 90-81(ii), 80-71(i), 80-71(ii), 70-61(i), 70-61(ii), 60-51(i), 60-51(ii), 50-41(i), 50-41(ii), 40-31(i), 40-31(ii), 30-21(i), 30-21(ii), 20-11(i), 20-11(ii), 10-1(i), 10-1(ii).


My room smells of Surgical Spirits and Perfume, which is annoying. I ran out of Witch Hazel so had to use the Surgical Spirits to clean my earrings etc. I HATE the smell! Gah! oh well I guess it could be worse, not sure how, but it could have been!

Oh and "Enemy at the Gate" was on tonight so I got to watch Jude Law and Joseph Finnes for most of the night! This led Lisa to decide my career. Want to know what I should be doing according to her?! She said that I should work in a museum and I said that it didn't pay very well so she said that I should do something with History and why hadn't I taken A-Level History, to which I replied that I didn't take GCSE History because I was doing better in Geography than History and on reflection I should have not taken Business Studies or Music, but History and Art. Then I said I'd do a postgrad in History (can you do another undergrad? 'cos if you can that's what I want to do.) Lisa then asked why didn't I become a researcher and I said that you didn't get paid well for that either, then there was a lightbulb...Researcher for Historical films etc! Combines both love of History and Love of films! So this is my future. What do you think? I mean I spout an awful lot of useless information about History at anytime and I really enjoy it, so maybe it would be a good idea.

So that's. I don't think there is anything else from today except that I slept in 'til 2.30 this afternoon, but went to bed after 6am and set my alarm for 12, but decided that sleep was better!

Night my dears

S xx

Current Mood: Sorted

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