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One down Two to go! - Keeper of the Cages
One down Two to go!
Heee! Finished 1 on to the next! only two to go! Tonights is going to be alright I think, or at least not as hellish!

I am the proud owner of PIRATES!!!!! *squeals* I'm not a screaming fangirl, much! So just watched it whilst reading for my essay and drinking champagne! such a good way to study I always feel!

I had 3 and a half hours with my eyes closed this afternoon so that I was reseted! yay! I don't think I slept, though might have dozed off for lik half an hour at one point, but I refused to open my eyes until the alarm went off! I'm all wide awake now, but that might be the Champagne or whatever!

Right I'm off! have fun and I may see you later!

S xxx

P.S. What have they done to Hotmail??????

Current Mood: calm calm

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