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The evil of RL! - Keeper of the Cages
The evil of RL!
So exams have finished. Yay! *bounces*

Saw Lord of the Rings : Return of the King last night and thought it was excellent. Cried and everything!

Home again *sigh*. Quite happy about it but could have stayed longer there if had to!

All good you say, well yes, but it the facts that surround these happies that are bad!

1 - exams, though thinking they were 'alright-ish' got to Tuesdays and completely died. It was dire and that's saying something!

2 - Got home and turned on my computer and something happened to it to make it breakdown. I have lost four years of University work, which because I'm an idiot I hadn't backed up - that was my plan for this holiday (famous last words!) So now I'm in a bit of mess concerning my dissertation work etc.

3 - My supervisor was being evil to me today because I couldn't see him sooner than today. He was like well what do you want me to do? And I was like well I've given you an envelope with my address and a stamp so when you get chance can you look at it and then post it to me? he was like well I have no time...just put it on the chair and I have no idea if I'll even bother.

4 - fog. there was fog once we hit Cheshire, but the thing was I had no idea where my fog lights were! Couldn't see my own bonnet! very funny! all with the swerving and ooops! Don't think my Dad was too impressed with that display of driving!

5 - RL got in the way of what I had to do and for that I really am sorry. Forgive me anyone who's on shrieking_shack. I'm going to try harder!

Right that's enough moaning I think on to happier subjects...Nah don't think I have any except...

I have a job interview tomorrow at 10am for Starbucks and I quite hope I get the job 'cos it'll be something to do rather than sleep for a whole month!

Night night!

Love S xxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: depressed depressed

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