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Musings on stuff Well it's boxing day and all is good! There is a… - Keeper of the Cages
Musings on stuff

Well it's boxing day and all is good!

There is a plus and a negative side to today.

Plus - I saw Peter Pan with jigglyfrog and elbowyangle. Very much loverly with Mr Isaacs! So swoon worthy! (oh and HIGH boots he wears!) And Frankie and Benny's for dinner!

Minus - Didn't get to go see my uncle and my mum said that he was hoping that I would be going too. Feel sad about that. :(

Plus - One of the much loved fics I follow has now been moved to the author's own group! (Shiny new as of today!) *bounces!* With all her other stories too! No more messing around in message archives to find one chapter that is completely elusive! So if any of you follow Jendra's JGE and BE go join her group Jendrafic.

Um not sure what another minus would be... Don't think there was one! yay so more plusy than minusy!

Oh and watched BJD with Kathryn and her sister. Very good with Mr Firth! ;)

Going to bed seeing as tomorrow Adam's coming home and I have to pic him up at the airport then take him shopping. I really really wish he'd let me make him buy a suit! He'd look very swoon worth and dashing in one! *dreamy smile!* ;)! *giggles*

So night night all and I hope you didn't have too much left-over dinner to have today! lol! Speaking of left-overs I think I should raid the fridge!! yes good plan! Mmmmmmmm!


S xxxxxxxx

P.S. I have no festive icon and wish I did, but hey maybe I'll get one for next year! toodles xx

Current Mood: chipper chipper

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