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Keeper of the Cages
Snaffled from my dearest Lady Kathryn...

You're as Perverted as Miroku
How Perverted are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Worked today 11-3. Working tomorrow 11-3. Working Saturday 11-3. I don't think Kathryn loves me any more! *giggles*

Oh but tried to almost kill myself several times at work so it was all funny! Ice not good = falling down (almost!) Did get a 8 and 9 mark from a random passer-by who asked if I was alright! I think I need to work on my technique of falling down to get a better grade! lol! Then boxes are a heap of fun especially when you trip over them and almost land full length on the floor! Final on was just out the backroom door when I tripped on a mat! Wonder what I can do tomorrow?! Heee!

Toodles! Dinner now, but I feel sick. *pleads with mother for no dinner* Nope I'm going to have to go!

Night for now.

S xxx

Current Mood: amused amused

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