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So Master And Commander to see or not to see that is the question.… - Keeper of the Cages
So Master And Commander to see or not to see that is the question. The thing being that there is only one showing a day now 6.20pm, so I'm thinking after work on Saturday I should go, but do I want to see it? Is it good?

Points in favour

1. Billy Boyd
2. Period film
3. Guys being all dashing and heroic etc
4. Navy uniforms
5. The book is supposed to be really good (on my list of "to read"!)
6. I have nothing better to do with my Saturday evening
7. I did say I thought I'd want to see it.

Points against

1. Money
2. Time
3. Not sure how much I really want to see it - can I wait for the video?
4. Not heard much either way on they yay or nay scale
5. Tiredness

The pros seem to out number the cons, but do they out weigh them? that is the question.

And there is the alternative of other films like RotK and SWAT (I have no idea why I want to see this except that the poster has been up in the entrance to the cinema since at least Easter!)

Oh well I shall ponder all this at a later date and toddle off to bed as I have to be in work in exactly 12 hours! woooo!

Night Love S xxxx

ETA: and possibly "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" just for the chance to see how they've changed it since I saw the original in the Cinema!

Current Mood: rambling

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