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Fear not my dears I shall not be posting random pants at 4am today!… - Keeper of the Cages
Fear not my dears I shall not be posting random pants at 4am today!

I have to be in work at 11 tomorrow so meh! sleeeeep! Might be getting a cold - hope not dearly hope not!

no one knew I was supposed to be in today! *giggles!* 'twas silly! Everyone was like "you're not supposed to be in." Well meh! I could have gone home if they really wanted me to! Apparently they didn't want that so I had to stay.

Ok I'm off to bed and reading of random stories. I give up on pensions they're really really boring. Can anyone possibly write a fic about pensions? that could be interesting and then I would read it and know all that I need to know. I think I need to go to bed. That just sounds decidedly in the realm of "The nice men in white coats are coming to take you to a safe warm padded room." *smiles of cheshire cat width and eyes that check for a lack of sharp implements*

This proves it I have no plot.

I'm going away.

Night night my dears and I hope I haven't scared you too much! I'm quite sane really!

S xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: weird weird

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