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Hey was going to do my year in review etc etc, but got side-tracked… - Keeper of the Cages
Hey was going to do my year in review etc etc, but got side-tracked by the lovely RotK which my Mum and Dad took me to tonight! just come back in fact. Anyway I had no idea that there were actual actor/actress sketches in the credits - I'd only seen the first bit before the naming when I saw it the first time. Anyway there is a Sean Bean one! very much loving it.

I'm not going to ramble on about RotK except to say I cried again.

Work today was ok. Karl seems to keep forgetting that I'm working and has forgotten to put me on the white board two days running. *sigh* I'm not that quiet and un-noticeable am I???

You know those tannoy things - well Borders uses their's an awful lot and I'm convinced that some guy randomly went on it today and said "I'm a fat man. I'm a fat man." No I have no idea if he did or if he didn't actually say this, but it sounded rather funny to me. Yes little things and little minds.

Forgot to tell you all about the disaster that was yesterday - went to work. All fine and good, but when it came to my ability to hold things I had none. Every time I picked something up I'd drop it and have to catch it. All well and good when you can catch it, but I managed to not on one occasion. I happened to be standing out with the customers and had a mug in my hand one minute, the next said mug was no longer there but lying broken in the bussing tray along with the mug it had collided with there by causing that one to loose it's handle. *sigh* I shouldn't have been in yesterday it was just totally a case of what will I break/drop/destroy next?! To say I was glad to leave was an understatement! Then I got home to find I'd left my watch attached to my apron so had to get Kathryn to retrieve it for me. She's a dear - she even brought it round to my house. ::huggles::

Right I've probably bored you all stupid now and I'm going to bed now so I'll love you and leave you.

S xxxxx

P.S. Janine killed Barry! *shock horror* Soooo didn't see that one coming! lol! xx

P.P.S. Was bad and bought Katie Melua's CD (it's been playing in Borders for ages) and "Robin Hood Price of Thieves" on DVD today. Have that on video, but seeing as the video at Uni doesn't work and I can watch it over and over again on my computer (when I get it back) I thought it was a sound investment. (dearest Kathryn please don't shout!)

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