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Rant on the stupidty of films - Keeper of the Cages
Rant on the stupidty of films
When I went to the cinema on Saturday night I there was, as usual, trailers for new and u coming films. Fair enough, but why on earth has someone gone and made a "Thunderbirds" movie? It's a puppet show from the 1960s and you can't mess with it's genius. I was sat there going "No no no no" my mum thought that was quite funny! But Thuderbirds you just can't mess with it. I think part of it is because it had Bill Paxton in it and he bugs me seriously. I think I'm just stuck on the whole "It's THUNDERBIRDS Don't mess with it" kick.

What's next? Stingray? Captain Scarlet? *sigh*

(short rant I think and in fact I'm not sure you could class it as a rant, more of and incoherent babble!)

S xxx

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