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Pimpage - Keeper of the Cages
I stole the whole message from jigglyfrog's post because I'm no good at writing such things so here goes...


Join the shrieking_shack. It's fun, it's free and there is often PWP.

Now, to go into more detail without the rhyming...

The S_S is a MWP-era Harry Potter RPG, set in 1977, when the 'adults' were at school. It's a great chance to roleplay with a fab group of people, and as one of the oldest lj communities of its kind, we can promise you'll love it. All we ask is that you're committed, have a good grasp of basic English, and are willing to come up with plots and daily things for your characters.

We are currently recruiting. Specifically, for Hufflepuffs and the character of Peter Pettigrew, although any characters are welcome, cannon and not. Please read the rules and details at the website and in the the user info of the shrieking_shack, and if you're interested, give me an email or fill out the online form with all your details, a character bio and a sample post.

If you love Harry Potter and having a great time while you obsess, this is the place for you.

With love and thanks,
Kathryn xx (the Mod and play_nicely)


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