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Ok so as to start the day again and this time to get it off to a good… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok so as to start the day again and this time to get it off to a good start I'm going to mess on the quizes Surprise, surprise, surprise (now I sound like Cilla Black, and although I can be all scouse when I want to (just to peve my mum!) I really don't want to sound like her!)

Ok so today be Wednesday and I still can't manage to wake up when my phone beeps. how crappy especially when you really gotta make your 9am lecture other wise you are gonna be totally buggered when it comes to writing up an essay on how to derive the consumption function for the British Economy. How on earth does one start and huh?!

Oh well enough about crappy essays that have to be done! Hummmm well Ok so I watched What Women Want, Blade and Rat Race yesterday and I have to say I'd rather be doing that than sitting in uni! but hey then all you lovely peeps wouldn't have the pleasure(pain!) of listening to my random crap!

Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?

You are loyal and protective of those you care about, but have a quick temper when an injustice is made, especially when that injustice was done by a Slytherin. You have a wild streak to you, but life has taught you what is really important.

I&apos;m Mrs. Oliver Wood</a>

The HP Male Marriage Quiz

made by Sapphire.

I&apos;m Mrs. Charlie Weasley</a>

The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz

made by Sapphire.

Ok gotta go now, but happy trails! Toodles

Current Mood: Insane
Current Music: Last Dance - Sarah McLachlan

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