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RANTY - Keeper of the Cages
People shouldn't allow their kids to have food in public places.

If I did what the majority of kids today do I'd have been shouted at, not matter where we were and then taken home. I mean the parents/adults are just as bad as the children. I mean is it soooooo hard to keep your drink in your cup and to eat with out putting cake and sandwich crap every where??????? Oh and the best one is Lipstick on the cups...I mean either wipe the stuff off your mouth before you drink or wipe it off the cup once you've finished it.


Thank you I shall lock myself away now so that you aren't all subjected to even more ranty crap!

Thank you come again!

P.S. Pub/Asda trip with Kathryn now! I need to stop burbling!!! Maybe I should get like a lock on my mouth...?! (I'm not insane it just looks that way to you!

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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