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Well life for me has been rather docile, so I guess it's about time… - Keeper of the Cages
Well life for me has been rather docile, so I guess it's about time that things went more hectic. And in the grand tradition of me they go down splat!

So the latest being that my mum's bestfriend from school's son is in intensive care and they have no idea whether or not he'll wake up alright or the worst. I mean how crap can you get he's been married less than a year, this time last year everyone was excited thinking about his wedding and now... We only found out the other day, but I think he may have been there a wee bit before. It was a car crash 20 yards from his house. Luckily his wife wasn't in the car, but still.

I just haven't really processed it yet, so I'm still kind of fine about it, but you know me reaction will occur at sometime and when it does watch out!

Why does life lull you into a false sens of security and then bang? Do you think it's some kind of weird joke that I just don't get???

I'm too tired at the moment to contemplate such deep thoughts so I'm going to bed and then work in the morning.

In other news I finish work on Friday and then have to move back up to Scotland on Sunday. I can just tell that it's going to snow really badly so I wont be able to go/take my car, which will be mean. Wonder what they would say if I transported the whole (or parts at least) of Stirling here...*shrugs* meh!

Went to the college tonight for their first dining circle meal...Very nice! All should try Halton College's Dining Circle.

Night night

Love S xxx

Current Mood: down

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