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Last post from home - Keeper of the Cages
Last post from home
Going back to uni tomorrow. Well the house anyway! so therefore all packing is being done now...at like 1am! Meh! I do my best packing work on a tight schedule! Though my mother isn't happy about it! she says that I've got to be up and almost ready to go at like 9am. Why can't we apperate? or use the Floo Network? I mean it would be so much easier than having to sit in a car (or train) for like 5 hours. I think I live in a world of fantasy too much! Gah!

Management course thingy on Tuesday - should be interesting (yeah on some weird planet, which I don't inhabit!)

Dublin on Saturday - can't wait! All exciting (wonder where my passport is!)

Registration on the Monday after Dublin. Only this semester left if all goes to plan. It'll be weird I know, but I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Not sure if I've had enough holiday yet to be going back, but I think that maybe because I'm tired at the moment, which makes me a wee bit grouchy. It'll all be good once I get back to the house and have some sleep!

Right I'm off to check the virus checker is updated and all that crap. No more broadband tomorrow, just plain old dial-up *sigh*. It makes things so much harder, but at least I can have a net connection this year!

I'll probably be on here tomorrow night anyway, that is if we manage to get up there seeing as the weather forecast is looking dodgey - Send "nice weather thoughts" for me for tomorrow!

Night night

Love S xxxx

Current Mood: indescribable indescribable

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