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Ok I'm going home in a minute, but I have to say that I did post… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok I'm going home in a minute, but I have to say that I did post yesterday, but the computer went a bit west of where it was supposed to be so stupid stupid thing is all I can say! So well I'm procrastinating terribly and really I should be working really hard to get good marks on my essays, but like I'm gonna do that! :P

Right well I'm going to the £4 final fling in the union on Saturday. Why £4 well there are three types of tickets. 1. £2 which means all you get to go to is the bar upstairs. 2. £4 which means that you get to go into to the dance bit downstairs after midnight. 3. £7.50 which means you get to go to the casino thing upstairs and the dancing bit downstaris all night. so I'm all I have no money etc etc and need to be at least a bit merry to visit the union so the £4 one is perfect! See!

Well that was all a load of random not alot! Erm not a lot else to say except that I NEED SLEEP!

TTFN Love and honeypots

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Clueless ST

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