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I be friends page surfing so I snaffle stuff! - Keeper of the Cages
I be friends page surfing so I snaffle stuff!
From blue_marker - I likes random and useless quizzes are sooo good!

Ok pooter being crap so I can't see others pages, but I will read all in the very near future. I as I have stated am going home so I shall have broadband and lots of surfing! yes I will! and I will comment on all yes and I will be good!

Went out tonight and had cocktails and then came home and had cheese and pate toasties with tea - how scrummy!!! I shall be going to bed to sleep now!

Night night all

Love S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. very tired eyes...need to find someone who ca actually stand putting eyedrops in peoples eyes...Hate doing it myself and anyway it usually goes wrong when I try!

Current Mood: Merry

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