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Miffed - Katie Melua tour coming to Glasgow 3rd March. Tickets sold… - Keeper of the Cages
Miffed - Katie Melua tour coming to Glasgow 3rd March. Tickets sold out. Going to be in Liverpool 6th March tickets available. can't go, unless...but my mum would definitely say that was a BIG NO!

Missed a lecture again today due to not finding one single parking space at all in the uni. Ok so out of a total of 3 lectures so far this semester I have made it to 1 and missed the other 2 due to stupid car park lackings. Tomorrow I intend to go to uni between 10am and 10.30am so that I can get a space. was contemplating going in for 9am, but that would be silly I feel due to the fact that I want some sleep and I still need to pack my bag! lol!

Hugs to all and a lot of love!

S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. I go home tomorrow! yay! Might go SBs as soon as I get home 'cos I can steal my mum's car, but then again there is the SB little stand in the train station...whoooop! *giggles* so I'm thinking of getting a Venti English Breakfast 2 tea bags and a caramel Machiato (sp?!) too. Well it's a long journey and I'll need the tea after the coffee!

toodles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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