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Stupid stupid neighbours. You'd think that living in a block of… - Keeper of the Cages
Stupid stupid neighbours. You'd think that living in a block of houses that are joined to another building that you'd know people could hear you, but no not our neighbours. Stupid bint woman, as she shall be henceforth known, decided that playing and "singing" along to music quite loudly until well after 2am this morning was a good idea. Now both Vicky and I have rooms next to their wall so we could hear her making sleep a thing sought, but not easily found. The thing being even when I went into the bathroom I could hear her and that's like the other side of my room, and through my wardrobe, so noisy she was. I wouldn't have minded so much if she had been able to sing in time and in tune, but it sounded rather like a dog howling at times. Though I now know that her favourite song must be "Crazy" as it was heard an awful lot!

Right got a lecture to attend and then home to do tute work and back again to learn more about the people in my tute!

Have fun my darlings and know that some people just don't take the hint from having very heavy hardbacked books bashed against the wall several times!

S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: bitchy and tired

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