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Anyone seen the film Happy Now? It's got Ioan Gruffudd and Jonathan… - Keeper of the Cages
Anyone seen the film Happy Now? It's got Ioan Gruffudd and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in it. They're all cute and welsh in it! I just finished watching it on BBC2 and I shall now go on to watching last nights Inspector Morse.

I'm in the house on my own and upstairs are scaring me terribly. Actually they've been doing it since yesterday. It was alright last night 'cos Vicky was here after work, but she's visiting tonight and Lisa's home, so I'm here alone getting creeped out by random noises! I shall go sleep on the sofa I think - not so scary maybe! I'm such as scaredy cat aren't I?! lol!

In other news erm, I don't think I have any! but I wanted to post a pretty pic so here it is!

The reasoning behind this one is that next week's Inspector Morse episode has him in it! *swoons* Can't wait for that one!

Oh do any of you watch The Vicar of Dibley? Well he appears in that too, telling Geraldine that he's the one she loves and shouldn't marry David! Mmmmmm what I wouldn't give to have him running into my wedding saying the same! So if you want to vote for The Vicar of Dibley as Britain's best loved comedy go to the BBC website But the thing is I can't decide. I mean there's so many good ones in the top 10! *sigh* But any program that can get Sean Bean and Johnny Depp etc in it should I feel get my vote! *grin*

Right I'm off to watch stuff on tv seeing as I'm awake and all!

I've just read the last part and realised it makes absolutely no sense what so ever - to clarify tonights tv viewing consisted of watching Carol Vorderman state her case for The Vicar of Dibley being Britain's Best Sitcom and seeing as it reminded me about certain people being in it and I love the program I had to share!

So if anyone loves me loads my BIG birthday present wish would be, after getting Sean Bean (or other such nummy boy) for a present would be the complete Vicar of Dibley on DVD. *looks all cute!* lol!

Current Mood: swoon-esq!

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