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Kat dear, I will send it to you tomorrow. I know all shouting bad me… - Keeper of the Cages
Kat dear, I will send it to you tomorrow. I know all shouting bad me for not getting it done and send it. But heading into Migraine territory again, so I think I'll head this one off by going to bed now!

All wondering what "it" is - dissertation chapters. yeah I know it's all with the deadlines but it's just not happening. Can you get writers block for this just like with writing tales? Hmmmm something to ponder on.

Right off to bed and to change the light in here - it's too damn bright!

Night night my loves S xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: Pitiful

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From: jigglyfrog Date: March 15th, 2004 02:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

I think I just became my mother... *hides*

It's ok. It's just like... I never got anything last week either. Which is like, do it how and when you can, but you really CAN'T afford to get behind. If you've done nothing, and got writer's block and are going all migrainey (sp?), then you really need to not be.

There is nothing that I can say or do that's going to make you do it. I know this. I'm not you, nor am I your mother. I don't even want to sound like I am, but you know better than me how important this is, and how you need to get it done.

Reading and email and fic and tv and everything else can WAIT.

10 minute break every hour. It's like revision, you know? Write notes on EVERYTHING, then you can stick it all together and see what you have. Write stuff down AS SOON AS you think of it. Make sure you have ALL the books and have READ the stuff. READ it, don't try to get all the info off the computer, because sitting in front of the net a) is way too tempting, and b) makes your eyes go funny, and is never the way to learn stuff. Print it all off.

If you need to go to the library to get away, or wherever, then GO. Anywhere where it's quiet and you can take it all in. It doesn't even need to be typed up at this point. But, as soon as you have stuff to type up, make sure you do. And EMAIL it to yourself and me, that way you won't lose it, even if your computer dies. Save it to disk, also.

Um, I think I've exhausted the radio one exam tips site now. ;)

Look, I'm worried about you, alright? I'm worried that you aren't going to do what I KNOW you're capable of, and I know that if you can chill enough and not think about it, you CAN do it.

Tell me what I can do, if there is anything. Please.

Don't think you're in this alone... but at the end of the day, no one can write this but you. No one knows as much about it as you, and no one else has put the work in. You've come this far, and there's only so much time left.

If I can make it happen, God help me, you'll pass amazingly and never have to resit ANYTHING, and it'll all be ok. I promise you, if I could, it'd be done. Since all I can offer is help, that'll have to do. I'll send you incentives, and Calm tea, and anything, just PROMISE me you'll do it, ok? I mean, I know you will, and I know you're trying and it's horrible, but think: it's only a few weeks. It's pain for a few more weeks and then it's OVER. You'll never have to write another essay EVER. And that's the best feeling there is.

I love you, honey. I just want you to be ok.
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