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quizical - Keeper of the Cages
snaffled from ntamara

to139 have30 it's19
the134 if29 say18
i109 so29 people18
and98 are26 get18
you93 your26 going18
a73 do26 i'm18
it73 but25 one17
in55 like23 s16
is54 for23 would16
of53 just22 at16
my44 as22 good15
that38 with21 this15
be33 know20 we15
all32 on19 go14
what30 can19 see14
not30 me19 was14
LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

And 'cos it can't be posted on there...

i215 all46 go26
to190 is46 at25
the150 i'm42 they25
and142 me40 do25
a119 if39 going24
of97 as35 much24
you78 on34 know24
that67 well33 will24
my67 was33 we24
in63 or29 just24
be62 but27 think23
have57 with27 what23
for54 this27 it's23
it54 are27 about19
so48 get26 good19
not48 can26 like19
LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

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