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Ta Da - Keeper of the Cages
Ta Da
Heee well nothing really, just thought I'd say it really!

Tea is the most heavenly thing you know. Whom ever invented it needs to be hugged most severely!

My stars...

Keeping a love affair secret may be tempting now, as you want to preserve the romantic bubble around you. Once the first week of May is over, though, you should go public with this relationship. In the meantime, enjoy these precious weeks with your beloved. In the event you're already in a relationship, you may want to spend more private time with your partner. Spending a few weekends at a secluded retreat could prove blissful.

Now that's the first I heard I was having a love affair. So who do you think it's with? I mean there's keeping things secret and then there's just not even I know! *ponders* I have no idea.

The countdown to dissertation hell (already here, but the ending of such) is now at 12 days and I for one have to say "I'm screwed!" so very royally! but who cares right? I mean a degree is not the be all and end of my life. I just want out. out of uni out of work and out of this crappy excuse for a life I lead at the moment. I just want to sit down and do nothing. I don't want to work this summer, I don't want to go home and get told "You just do what you want, but you should write to people about summer work". What part of "I want a summer holiday where I'm as lazy as anything and don't do any work" do people not understand? I mean I've worked every summer since GCSEs and quite a few christmases too, so all I want is to spend my last chance of a long summer doing absolutely bugger all. too much to ask?

Nah forget all that I'm going to bed and to sleep. Everything will be bright in the morning!

Current Mood: Mixed

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From: jigglyfrog Date: April 4th, 2004 12:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ok. Turn this around: 12 days left, so ONLY 12 DAYS AND THEN YOU CAN DO OTHER THINGS! That's got to be positive, right? But 12 days till the end is WAY too late to give up now! You *can't* give up now, you're so close to getting it finished!

Dude, get you to the library and the hell out of the house, ok? But PLEASE do work. Even if your sleep gets fucked and everything else takes a back seat... it's two weeks and then THAT'S IT. Whatever you've got, at least it'll be done. And then, if you want a holiday, damn well take a holiday! You don't have to do anything before graduation anyway, and no one will expect you to... and you know you can always come back to work when you want, you only have to call Cathy. Even if Starbucks isn't what you want, and God knows I know it isn't what *I* want, at least it's a job.

You have to do the work now, though, or you'll only be back again, doing this hell over again next year. Think of the time off you'll get in only a couple of weeks. ♥
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