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41D8 Dissertation submission - Keeper of the Cages
41D8 Dissertation submission
E-mail from the head of the department. I got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared by the title!

Lucky its's only this

Please remember that (1) you must submit one hard copy in person to the office (2)
you must submit an electronic version using the File Delivery System (3) the
dissertation must not exceed 50 pages INCLUDING EVERYTHING (4) The hard copy must be
bound with a plastic cover as available from the University Print Room.

Excessive length will be penalised.

When submitting electronically, it is best to open the Delivery System by double
clicking on the icon and then dragging the file into the box that is provided. If
instead you drag the file onto the Delivery icon, this often produces an error and
the file may not be delivered. If you submit the electronic copy first, the
Departmental Secretary will be able to verify that it has been received when you
submit the hard copy.

I'm off to lie down and recover from my panic attack!

Love S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: scared scared

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