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Hands decided that today would be a good day to hurt, so work was… - Keeper of the Cages
Hands decided that today would be a good day to hurt, so work was great fun!

Just spent 20minutes copying population pyramids from a website into photo editor so that I can have some pretty pics for my appendices, but the thing is I don't actually have the numbers, unless I feel like sitting her until next year by going through each one and writing down what they say for each age group. maybe that can be my task of last minute procrastination!

One of my friends finished their dissertation last week. And she's thing of doing an MSc in Economics here. I think she's absolutely insane, but hey if anyone she can!

Right I'm off to bed 'cos my mum's going to be phoning me at like 9am so I can go listen to John Peel doing his morning show. I need it to help me function at the moment!

Night night people!

S xxx

P.S. I've already decided what's going to happen when I finish this dissertation and this year! My work shall no longer exist! *cackles insanely!* lol! xx

Current Mood: pensive pensive

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