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Presents and fun! - Keeper of the Cages
Presents and fun!
Well I've had sleep so now I can open my presents!! So I got "A Hogwarts Survival Kit" of madam Kathryn! Which is majorly excellent! All with the Harry Potter sweets, and the CD of CoS!, posters and random cinema things and the flying lesson lego (Yippie!!! :P) and 'what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?'! oh yeah and the car sticker 'My other car is a broom'!!!! I love it! I have to also say Thank you to my dear friend Laura for the door thing and the pen woot! Oh and then there was the winnie the pooh stuff and then Lord of the Rings etc etc!!! I Love Christmas!

So as someone else said Harry Christmas or should that be Oliver Christmas (Not that that works, but he's just so yummy! Lol!) So have a great day whether you are celebrating Christmas or not!

Love Me XX

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