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I think I may do something silly like stand on the edge of the castle… - Keeper of the Cages
I think I may do something silly like stand on the edge of the castle hill in Stirling tomorrow. Anyone want to join me?

I had English Breakfast tea today - it was so heavenly you have no idea!

I'm ill. had the sore throat yesterday, now I have the sore neck, headache, cough (which sounds like I'm trying to rip my lungs out!) and well crappyness! How fun!

Ignored the essay for tomorrow. Will do the last one, even though I have no idea what the guy is going on about in it! I shall be brave and go ask him some questions. I can be brave you know.

To Laura I hope your sister is going to get better really soon. Lots of love and prayers to her. Hope the jobs still good and your boy is spiffing! ;)

My love Zoe is sending me pictures of her and baby Lou! I can't wait! sooo cute - miss them much!

Tomorrow is my first official "I don't have to get up and do anything day" since the evil swear word of doom! It's going to be weird!

Thursday Shopping spree! can't wait though I'm sure I'm going to be in one of my weird I don't like anything moods. I hate that don't you? When you're all "oooh I want to go shopping" and then when you actually get there you're all "don't like anything, don't want anything, not got what I want, and I'm bored". Always happens. But hey a day with my darling housemates and Angela! can't wait!

Have you noticed I'm completely impatient? I mean I sit here typing things and then add "I can't wait!" I really need to learn patience, though I'm quite good at the game...

I'm off to bed and some light reading!

Diamonds are a girls best friend and I know you all love me.

Current Mood: listless listless
Current Music: Sister Hazel - Champagne High

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