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*whines pittifuly* Where did it go? My friends page has eaten it.… - Keeper of the Cages
*whines pittifuly*

Where did it go? My friends page has eaten it. How could it? I neeed it must read Harry/Remus written by the talented maeglinyedi cannot go with out.

Oh and she's teasing with a cookie for the sequel to "Of Wolf and Man" which is very worthy of a read (I may have mentioned it before, but I can't forget it as it's such a good story!) Anyway there's a poll on the whole "post it as a WIP damnit" or "Leave it until it's all written".

Hmmm That thought brings me to one on WIPS and Completes.

Do WIPs completely bug you or can you read WIPs? Is it dependent on the story whether or not you can stand it or is just you don't really mind?

Would you, if searching for stories specify complete or just not bother with such a specification?

WIPs usually don't phase me, but lately I have been reading more complete stories. I don't mind WIPs especially when I know there is likely to be an update in the near future. I had quite a few WIPs that I was following before Christmas, which were bookmarked on my computer and I was saving them on my computer to read, but as everyone is sick of me saying I lost everything, so it took me forever to find them again and I'm not sure even now I've found everything! It does annoy me though when a fic has been a WIP for ages and you don't know whether or not the thing has been left or what and you're left hanging in the most evilest place! Well not annoy, more irritates, like an itch 'cos you can't forget it just yet!

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