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Guess where I'm going on Saturday! Nope it's not Paris, and it's… - Keeper of the Cages
Guess where I'm going on Saturday!

Nope it's not Paris, and it's not New York, and it most definitely isn't Milan.

I'm off to St Andrews! yes the home of a certain Prince William! Hmmm pretty! So the plan is to see if they'd notice if I put him in the boot of my car?!

I decided that I haven't seen all that much of Scotland, in fact I might just stay here through out July and August just so I can travel around, but that's by the by. Anyway I've been to St Andrews before, what with the whole visit and fall in love with the Uni and place thing. Lisa's never been and I don't think Beth has either, not sure about Vicky, so we're going to spend the day there and have fun!

Right I'm off to bed seeing as it's now 2.45am

Night night my dears

S xxx

P.S. totally going to see Troy tomorrow! yay! I can't wait! Boys in skirts and all grr manly! *swoons at the thoughts!* I just want to see Sean Bean and see what's happened to him. Of course I'm wanting to see the other boys too! ;)

Current Mood: expectant

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