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Why can't I have this as my ball dress?

Saw Troy last night. Very liking! Mmmm! and Sean voice *swoons*!

So I'm in uni taking all my crap off the system so that I have it on my pooter at home. I think Photobucket is going to cry at me soon! waaaay too many pics for it! lucky I've got two yahoo!briefcases 'cos I'd never get everything off if I didn't!

Ok I'm off to do something constructive, or well destructive if you'd really like to know. I'm going to do some more gardening. Not that I like doing it 'cos there are really too many spiders and massive woodlice in our garden for my liking. I was good though I didn't scream once the whole time I was doing it on Sunday!

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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