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Random - Keeper of the Cages
Road Tax bought today. Don't see why I should really seeing as I'm not going to have the car all that much longer. I mean if Dad really wants to give me his car or to get me a newish car then who am I to disagree? My poor baby car is really ill, I think it needs a holiday or to go into retirement.

4 days to Harry Potter! I can't wait. Last night in the trailers before Troy there was the HP trailer and I couldn't be quite. I think it's a case of my having to go see it alone, before I see it with my people otherwise they're likely to kill me!

Going to purchase The Calling's new Album asap 'cos very much in need of it! Brydon keeps laughing at Alex's eyebrows on the Single cover. I don't think I used my full glare on him, but may have to if he doesn't leave the eyebrows alone! I mean who's looking at his eyebrows?! Very much not me! lol!

Oh saw last nights double ER tonight. That is the most evil thing to do. Killing the baby. They were going to be all happy and now it's all sad. Never used to watch ER, but now I'm ER watcher girl! I blame the lovely ladies I live with!

Last Friends tomorrow night and I missed last Friday's, which is really annoying seeing as they didn't repeat it like they normally do on the Sunday. Stupid Test Match Cricket. Do these people not know it's more fun to play cricket rather than watch? And to put it on instead of Friends, well they need help is all I can say.

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