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Harry Happy Potter Day!!!! or alternatively... Happy Harry… - Keeper of the Cages
Harry Happy Potter Day!!!!

or alternatively...

Happy Harry Potter Day!!!!

So yes I didn't sleep all day as you can see I got up and went to buy The Calling's new album! Add to that I got Lady Chatterley's Lover on DVD for £3.99 and the POA st oh and I might have bought new purple striped knee-high socks! Not much really no.

Ooooh Large Vanilla Latte with Extra shot mmmm! Costa's not all bad I guess!

Gah 6 hours 2 minutes to go.

Kathryn I love you for the heads-up and I think I'm slightly calmer than I was, but actually I don't think I am! I can't wait!

I'm off to go insane until later! xx

P.S. I need to make me a POA icon...Or a flashy one, yes that's what I want!

Current Mood: hyper hyper
Current Music: Double Trouble

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