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Blooming hell I have a parking fine for parking outside my house… - Keeper of the Cages
Blooming hell I have a parking fine for parking outside my house with a parking permit. Just because a load of stupid idiotic tight arsed imbeciles don't want to pay for their parking permits and still take the spaces that are for people with permits, leaving the rest of us to park on double yellow lines. You know what I found 6 cars in such spaces sans permits tonight. I'm one pissed-off bunny. So I'm going to have to pay a £30 fine, but I can tell you I'm going to be writing one very nasty letter to go with it.

Last official uni student night tonight, next time I'm here will be for graduation *sigh*. So I'm going to have to sleep tonight as I have several hours of driving ahead of me tomorrow. It's all sad and I'm gonna miss it. Brydon's going home next week and he's not going to be here for graduation 'cos he's not graduating with us. Gah why does uni have to end? why can we all be at uni sans the evil work thing, but still have enough money to live?!

I guess that's the next big thing, looking for a job. I'm just gonna sign up with several agencies and see what I can get. I'm not doing my qualifications for a while though. Not a glutton for punishment no not me! I'll leave it until I feel able to sit evil accounting exams once again, if ever!

Hope you're all having fun and all get to see HP really really soon!

Oooh finally I'll be back to Broadband and no longer on the bitch connection! I'll be able to view my flist and other things with out it messing up and error messaging every ten seconds!

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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