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Ok I'm loving Yahoo at the moment! Massive inbox!!!!! how absolutely… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok I'm loving Yahoo at the moment! Massive inbox!!!!! how absolutely lovely of them! I mean I was hitting the max on it and then today I open it and it says I've only used 6% how absolutely spiffing!

Life is boring at the moment. absolutely nothing to do except sleep and well do nothing else. I would go to the cinema, but that would mean putting petrol in my mum's car and well I can always go tomorrow (which is actually what I said yesterday, but who's actually taking notice?!)

Oh Miss Yelland and Miss Hill guess who I saw in Froddy when I was waiting at the lights?! *grins* yes that's right a certain person who is rather annoying! I slid down in the seat just in case she looked over. I don't want to go for lunch with her if I can help it. (For the rest of you, if your actually reading this and want to know, she's someone from school whom could be rather trying on a persons nerves!)

Ok so I'm off to find some sort of lunch thing. My nanna asked me to stay for lunch after I took her to the hospital for a blood test and I said no 'cos I had to see if Spud was awake and I got home and he was gone. Stupid boy going with out telling me and not hanging up the washing. grrrr.

Oh and do you randomly get weird answer phone messages?! I got one today from some Irish woman asking if I was free tomorrow 'cos she was free. very weird! I think she should have checked the number before leaving a message!

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