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I guess an updatey type wadget thing would be good right about now.… - Keeper of the Cages
I guess an updatey type wadget thing would be good right about now.

Life at the moment is rather boring. I never thought I'd say it, but it is. I can only stand sitting around for so long and then madness descends. Which means my mum is not too impressed.

So what have I done? Um I bought a new skirt for my graduation ceremony on Monday. It's black and long. Going to go back to the store to get the trousers and jacket to match seeing as you can get them in an offer, oh and maybe a nice white shirt while I'm at it.

So here's the run down on my darling uni people plus one. So they're all blooming brain boxes and I'm sooo proud of them!

In degree class order...(then the alphabet!)

Adam - 1st he's the plus one seeing as he doesn't go to my uni and he's you know him!
Beth - 1st
Peter - 1st
Vicky - 1st

Frances - 2:1
Lisa - 2:1
Sian - 2:1
Stephen - 2:1 (I hope I spelt his name the right way...!)

Laura - 2:2 (Last year)
Kat - 2:2 (Last year)
Me - 2:2

I have no idea what anyone else got, but I'm just very proud of everyone. I only put Laura and Kat up 'cos well I was feeling lonely on my Todd being a 2:2 owner! I think a 2:2 looks more balanced though 'cos you know it's like mirrored where as a 2:1 looks kinda round then straight. I'm rambling again really. I'll stop that now!

Ooooh watched "S.W.A.T" tonight. Liked it very much. The Gag Reel on the special features is good, esp the bit where Colin Farrell is "working out"! And you know how could anyone pass up a chance to just see Colin Farrell all the way through a film?! Hired "Runaway Jury" too, but haven't watched it yet. I've read most of that book, but I got sidetracked so I suppose I should start it again from the beginning. I really need to go back to reading books and the like.

Choosing a restaurant to eat at for graduation is reeeeealy difficult. 1. 'cos I have no idea about most of the restaurants in Stirling and 2. 'cos I hate having to choose restaurants - what if it's terrible etc etc flits through my head every time I have to choose!

Blah sleep or not I must go. xx

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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