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Life is life I guess. boring as anything and rather pathetic. I… - Keeper of the Cages
Life is life I guess. boring as anything and rather pathetic.

I rather want to learn how to make flashy icons, but well I'm rather crap at learning new things without people showing me, so I guess I'll have to just see what appears.

The council want to charge us council tax, but being that I have no income what so ever, and I sort of went a bit mad with the credit card it's a really crappy thing for them to do. It's not our fault that were technically not students anymore.

That would be another thing on the list of Get off your big arse and FIND A JOB 'Snot as if I haven't been trying either. I applied to the dentist (admittedly I'm scared of the guy, but hey part time receptionist isn't too bad I guess!) I applied for a form from Liverpool University to do some research thing they've got going, but haven't received the information yet.

Plus side I'm seriously thinking about going to New York next year. I mean if I apply to The Mountbatten Internship it's a major possibility. I think I'd do it anyway even if I didn't apply. I want to go to New York, but I'm scared to do it on my own. Hmmm well I'm sure if I can manage to go to Uni I can manage to go to New York or the rest of America.

Well my plan of action...

1. find a job
2. save money
3. sort out travel to USA
4. get a life (!)

Current Mood: Pathetic
Current Music: TV

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