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I not liking that one little smidgen. Why why?!?!?!???

I was checking out names for a possible second lj – don't ask me why I just was thinking of it, though then again I mean I can't keep this one going much less a secondary one. What would I put in it? And I suppose the only one that would friend it would be me on this journal, so all in all a very pointy blunt exercise really.

I kind of miss amos_diggory very strange considering I didn't really do much with him, but still it was nice to burble stuff that was half right.

Hmmm I think as a leaving thing I shall make ljs for my uni people so if they actually wrote in them then it'd be like instant e-mailage or what ever.

My brother is an angel! He just brought me a sandwich! well he had sandwiches and I was going to try and steal a bite, but he brought me a whole half a sandwich! I love him sometimes!!

He said he'd pay me £5 to get up tomorrow morning and take his car to get it serviced. Well I guess I need some reason to wake up so £5 sounds better than nothing!

Oh and as a final...My bedroom has like a big space in it now!!!! (keeps my mum happy!)

Current Mood: productive productive

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