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So what did I do today??? I got up early. Took my brother's car to… - Keeper of the Cages
So what did I do today???

I got up early.
Took my brother's car to the garage.
Took my brother to the garage to pick up his car.
Washed my hair.
Went to the cinema and saw Mean Girls.
Came home.

Wow what a productive day!

Didn't see the England match, but well we lost so there you go.

Actually Mean Girls was rather funny. It was on the IWerks screen at the cinema so all good. I was on my Jim though 'cos well Kathryn was working and you know I don't think I have any other friends that are around here at the moment. le sigh I lead a sad and lonely life *snickers!* Anyway there were a few people in the cinema all being "Groupy", but still these three guys came and sat near me and laughed the whole way through, which I thought was good. So I'd recommend going to see Mean Girls if you want a film you can just relax and laugh at.

Planning on Connie and Carla tomorrow maybe...

Lisa said she wanted to go see The Notebook and so do I so when I'm back in the world of the Stirling I shall be travelling along to see it!

I saw all these trailers and I can't for the life of me remember what they were for, but the fact that I really wanted to see most of the films shown. I need to get some sort of memory charm or something!

I think if I go to Chester tomorrow to purchase nice fake tan stuff, which comes highly recommended by my dearest Lisa, I shall drag my arse somewhere else too.

Word count...I tried to count how many times I used each word, but it got too confusing! so I'm going to ignore that!

Night or at least for now at any rate! S xxx

Current Mood: mischievous mischievous

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