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Hello! Well I woke up way too early today! and it's all overcast… - Keeper of the Cages
Hello! Well I woke up way too early today! and it's all overcast and "I'm gonna rain" type weather, which I guess means it is going to get cold now. Humph! So I spent a completely wasted free day waiting for my stupid new printer 'cos my other (new) one bust and guess what the delivery people never turned up, so I say argh to them and I could have stayed in bed until some nice hour instead of being up at quater to nine and so on! Silly twits! Well today is today and I think that I shall have to do some thing good, like go buy stuff or something, though I have already spent this weeks money and that would be bad as I need to buy food! Oh yeah 2 of my friends tried to set up another friend on sunday and now it's just all stupid. He didn't know and then he twigged and would have prefared to know before, which I think is fair enough. Hum Never set people up 'cos it's just bad, unless they ask you to do so with a person in question and then it's all ok! (Or maybe not I don't know!) So this day is starting to look good! 2 hours messing on computers then a break and then and hour of econ and then home!!! Hee Hee! To sleep again! Ok see ya later Toodles TTFN S X

Current Mood: ditzy ditzy
Current Music: None, tho head music is Complicated

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