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Mmm so I'm back in the world of Cheshire and "Have you got a job yet"… - Keeper of the Cages
Mmm so I'm back in the world of Cheshire and "Have you got a job yet"

Had a loverly week with my darling people in Stirling, I did absolutely nothing (what's new about that?!)

Went to the cinema with Steven and Vicky, Lisa would have gone but she was on a works leaving/b'day thing, to see Stepford Wives, which to my mind wasn't half as good as it could have been. There was so much potential and it missed the mark a bit.

Went to Edinburgh on Saturday night for Alan's B'day thing. Saw his new flat and died with envy! It's really nice, though they have the most out of place carpet in their hall way, but that's neither here nor there really! So yeah we (being Vicky, Lisa et moi) bought him this game thing which you plug into the tv and has Pac Man, Bosconian (don't have a clue!), Rally X, Dig Dug (Little digging dude) and Galaxian (space invaders) on it and Shrek ears and a Shrek cake and a Blue (the boy band) talking card. Now the talking card was too much of a classic thing to pass by, 'cos he really doesn't like them and well it was rather funny! But we totally forgot that he doesn't like Shrek, not that he's seen it of course, no that would be too sensible wouldn't it! So here's a pic of him taken on Lisa's phone with the Shrek ears on!

See doesn't he look all spiffing in the Shrek ears?!

So yeah had fun in Edinburgh, until had to drive home in the evil fog. that was not a fun thing seeing as I don't know the road back from Edinburgh all that well.

Came back home yesterday, managed the trip in 4 1/2 hours which is rather good really. Went to a family friends party and then went to Kathryn's party I hope I wasn't too much of a "I sleep not drive too much brain dribbled out hours ago" person!

Saw Mike, Robbo, Si and Irene and many others who I know so it was all good.

That's all I've run out of steam and words so yeah that's it. Toodles xx

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

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